Is your site working?

Is your website working?

You may have a site already that looks great but is not getting the hits you think you should – We can advise on site layout, content and current search engine position and suggest ways to improve your Internet Marketing.

  • Do you know who visits your site?
  • Do you know where those visits come from?
  • Do you know how those visitors found you?
  • Do you know what search phrase they used?

You will be amazed at what information is available to you – its just a case of knowing where to look and how to access it ….and implement it if not available.

We will help you understand in simple plain english.

We can advise (and train if required) on Google and other search engine PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.

Just putting a website online is no longer a way to guarantee more work – you have put a lot of work into building up your current business – a website is no different – it needs Marketing, Managing & Maintaining – we can help in all these important areas.

We provide you with no obligation advice on your Website Design, Internet Marketing, Search Engines & Domain Name issues. If you are in the process of setting up a new business we will show you how a well designed web site can help.