Search Engine Promotion

PC Webshop’s services do not just stop at the design and creation of a web site. We can help you through the whole process of marketing your business on-line and guaranteeing the right visitors to your site – whether that be locally in Somerset or Devon, regionally throughout the South West, or nationally.

With the Internet expanding at such a rapid rate, there is so much competition on the Web that you can’t rely these days on free search engines to get people visiting your site. PC Webshop is at the leading edge of the new way forward in marketing web sites and search engine promotion – Pay Per Click (PPC) – which guarantees your listing and position on a search engine.

An inexpensive means of on-line targeted advertising, PPC is run by several big search engine companies, and PC Webshop can set up a campaign for you. Your prospective customers simply type in a keyword or words into the search engine, and if these words match keywords in your site, your advertisement and a direct link to your site will be shown above others in the list of sites found.

This results in targeted “clicks” on your site and cuts down on the number of visitors who are simply browsing; and is an excellent means of promoting new products or services, and for the on-line selling of products.

While PC Webshop will make a small additional charge for setting this up, the charge made by the search engine is – as the “Pay Per Click” name suggests – simply based on the number of clicks made on your site.

Some Examples
Below are just a few examples of the high search engine positions we are currently achieving for our clients as a result of our website promotion. These positions are gained by applying our Web Site Management Programme which is designed to deliver good first-page search results for relevant key phrases.

What difference would a good search engine position make to your business?

Client: Devon Accommodation
A large accommodation directory for Devon – offering all kinds of accommodation – database driven searchable website.

Google First page result for Devon Accommodation

Uk based carhire company offering Florida carhire – very competitive market.

Google First page result for Florida Car hire

Client: Several of our accommodation providers – use the following phrase – Exmoor b and b
The whole of the first page & second are our clients sites (not inc the sponsored links)

Google First page result for Exmoor b and b